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mendi obadike

Disciplinary Area: African American Literature, Sound Theory

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Low Fidelity: Stereotyped Blackness in the Field of Sound"

Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Akiba Harper

Graduate Institution: Duke University

Ph.D.: 2005

antonio oliver

Disciplinary Area: Physics

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Oxidation Studies of Ultra Low Atomic Step Density Silicon"

Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Gerald Bruno

Graduate Institution: Cornell University

Ph.D.: 2001


dionne pratt swift

Disciplinary Area: Mathematics

Dissertation Focus/Title: "WISE: Weighted Imputation for Standard Errors: An Alternative Imputation Method"

Undergraduate Institution: Oakwood College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. John Blake

Graduate Institution: Ohio State University

Ph.D.: 2000


michael ralph

Disciplinary Area: Anthropology

Dissertation Focus/Title: Sport, politics, labor, youth, commodification of the body in Senegal/"(At) play in the postcolony"

Undergraduate Institution: Morris Brown College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Mario Beatty

Graduate Institution: University of Chicago

Ph.D.: 2006


howard rambsy

Disciplinary Area: African American Literature

Dissertation Focus/Title: The Black Arts Movement of the 1960s/1970s

Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Hillery Knight

Graduate Institution: Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D.: 2004


kenton rambsy

Disciplinary Area: English

Dissertation Focus/Title: The Landscapes of African American Short Stories, 1887-2014

Undergraduate Institution: Morehouse College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Melvin Rahming

Graduate Institution: University of Kansas

Ph.D.: 2015


sandra richardson

Disciplinary Area: Mathematics Education

Dissertation Focus/Title: Diffusion Theory; Design Experiments/"A Design of Useful Implementation Principles for the Development, Diffusion, and Appropriation of Knowledge in Mathematics Classrooms

Undergraduate Institution: Dillard University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Joe Omojola and Dr. Hong Dai

Graduate Institution: Purdue University

Ph.D.: 2004


grace sanders johnson

Disciplinary Area: History and Women's Studies

Dissertation Focus/Title: "La Voix des Femmes: Women's Rights, National Politics, and Black Activism in Port-au-Prince and Montreal, 1934-1986"

Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Phillips-Lewis

Graduate Institution: University of Michigan

Ph.D.: 2013


jameliah shorter bourhanou

Disciplinary Area: Philosophy

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Kantian Cosmopolitanism and African Slavery"

Undergraduate Institution: Paine College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Matthew Hutcherson

Graduate Institution: Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D.: 2015