Shonda allen

Disciplinary Area: Education, Business

Dissertation Focus/Title: Organization Effectiveness

Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Ruth Johnson

MMUF Entry Year: 1993

Graduate Institution: Jackson State University

Ph.D. Year: 2006


Patricia Banks.jpg

Patricia Banks

Disciplinary Area: Sociology

Dissertation Focus/Title: Race and ethnicity; Sociology of culture; The black middle class

Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Angela Winand

MMUF Entry Year: 1996

Graduate Institution: Harvard University

Ph.D. Year: 2006


Kimya Barden.jpg

Kimya Barden

Disciplinary Area: Social Work

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Remembering the Cultural Trauma Legacies of Slavery, African American Young Adult Perception on Racism, Ethnic Identity, and Racial Socialization"

Undergraduate Institution: Fisk University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Dani Smith

MMUF Entry Year: 1999

Graduate Institution: Loyola University

Ph.D. Year: 2013

Joy Barnes-Johnson.jpg

Joy Barnes-Johnson

Disciplinary Area: Education

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Efficacy Related Beliefs and Practices about Equitable Science Teaching: A Case Study in an Urban Elementary School"

Undergraduate Institution: Johnson C. Smith University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Henry Russell

MMUF Entry Year: 1990

Graduate Institution: Temple University

Ph.D. Year: 2011

RoSusan Bartee.jpg

RoSusan D. Bartee

Disciplinary Area:Educational leadership, Social contexts of schools, University-school partnerships

Dissertation Focus/Title: Development of and implications for cultural, social, and symbolic capital in school and non-school based settings

Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Dilla Buckner

MMUF Entry Year: 1995

Graduate Institution: Northwestern University (MA); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. Year: 2003

Shanna Benjamin.JPG

Shanna Greene Benjamin

Disciplinary Area: African American Literature/ Black Studies

Dissertation Focus/Title: Webs and weaving imagery in black women's fiction

Undergraduate Institution: Johnson C. Smith University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Rosalyn Jones

MMUF Entry Year: 1991

Graduate Institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Ph.D. Year: 2002


Rian Bowie

Disciplinary Area: 19th Century African American Literature/Gender Studies

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Is there a Woman in the Text: The Black Press and the Evolution of Organized Womanhood, 1820-1900"

Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Jerry Ward

MMUF Entry Year: 1993

Graduate Institution: Emory University

Ph.D. Year: 2007

Jericho Brown.jpg

Jericho Brown

Disciplinary Area: Poetry, Literature

Dissertation Focus/Title: Contemporary Poetry/Please

Undergraduate Institution: Dillard University

MMUF Entry Year: 1995

Graduate Institution: University of Houston

Ph.D. Year: 2007

Takkara Brunson.jpg

Takkara Brunson

Disciplinary Area: History

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Constructing Afro-Cuban Womanhood: Race, Gender, and Citizenship In Republican-Era Cuba, 1902-1958"

Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Dalila de Sousa Sheppard

MMUF Entry Year: 2003

Graduate Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D. Year: 2011

Lina Buffington.jpg

Lina Buffington

Disciplinary Area: Philosophy

Dissertation Focus/Title: Hermeneutics/ Pragmatism/Existentialism

Undergraduate Institution: Spelman College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Clarence Johnson and Dr. Roy Martinez

MMUF Entry Year: 1997

Graduate Institution: Emory University

Ph.D. Year: 2006

Sabine Cadeau.jpg
Jamall Calloway.jpeg

Sabine Cadeau

Disciplinary Area: History

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Natives of the Border: Ethnic Haitians and the Law in the Dominican Republic 1920-1961"

Undergraduate Institution: Xavier University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Michele Levy

MMUF Entry Year: 2001

Graduate Institution: University of Chicago

Ph.D. Year: 2015


Jamall Calloway

Disciplinary Area: Systematic Theology

Dissertation Focus/Title: "But Not In Despair: A Black and Womanist Defense of Faith in A Someday

Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Loye Ashton

MMUF Entry Year: 2009

Graduate Institution: Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

Ph.D. Year: 2017

Tanya Clark.jpg

Tanya N. Clark

Disciplinary Area: English; Specializations within Discipline: Nineteenth Century American Literature and Criticism; Nineteenth and Twentieth Century African American Literature and Criticism; Women's studies, especially Black Feminist Criticism and Theory 

Dissertation Focus/Title: "Quilting the Race: Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins, The Colored American Magazine, and the African American Family, 1900-1905"

Undergraduate Institution: Clark Atlanta University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Janice Liddell

MMUF Entry Year: 1991

Graduate Institution: University of Rhode Island (MA); Temple University (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. Year: 2004

QCM pic.jpg

Quin'nita Cobbins-Modica

Disciplinary Area: History

Dissertation Title: Black Emeralds: African American Women's Political Activism and Leadership in Seattle, 1941-2000

Undergraduate Institution: Fisk University

MMUF Mentor: Linda T. Wynn

MMUF Entry Year: 2008

Graduate Institution: University of Washington, Seattle

Ph.D. Year: 2018

Jonathan Collins.jpg

Jonathan Collins

Disciplinary Area: Political Science

Dissertation Focus/Title: Talking in the Halls: Deliberative Democracy, Local Institutions, and School Board Governance

Undergraduate Institution: Morehouse College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Delores Stephens

MMUF Entry Year: 2009

Graduate Institution: University of California - Los Angeles

Ph.D. Year: 2017


David A. Cort

Disciplinary Area: Sociology

Dissertation Focus/Title: Immigrant Incorporation in the U.S.

Undergraduate Institution: Oakwood College

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Leutilla Carter

MMUF Entry Year: 1997

Graduate Institution: University of California, Los  Angeles

Ph.D. Year: 2007


Larose Davis

Disciplinary Area: English

Dissertation Focus/Title: 20th Century African American and Native American Literature

Undergraduate Institution: Hampton University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Amee Carmines

MMUF Entry Year: 1998

Graduate Institution: Emory University

Ph.D. Year: 2006

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.06.52 PM.png

Natanya Duncan

Disciplinary Area: 20th Century American History

Dissertation Focus/Title: "The 'Efficient Womanhood' of the Universal Negro Improvement Association:1919-1930"

Undergraduate Institution: Clark Atlanta University

MMUF Mentor: Dr. Isabella Jenkins

MMUF Entry Year: 1994

Graduate Institution: University of Florida

Ph.D. Year: 2009